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“Teaghlach” | A band of five sisters

~ We play and sing Irish music, dance Irish dance, and love our Irish heritage! ~

(We also enjoy Shakespearean acting and Legos on the side)

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Kaelisa, Keona, Kiera, Keelin, and Kaitlin Kelley.  Now that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

Born and raised in our dear old USA, we are still Irish at heart!  A few generations ago our ancestors came to America so that one day we could live a life with fewer hardships than theirs.  

The music and dance of Teaghlach is our salute to that beautiful sacrifice.  It’s just one little way that we are privileged to honor their memory!

We all play traditional Irish instruments:

Kaelisa ~  the bodhran (pronounced /bou-ron/ ), the distinctive sideways Irish                  drum

Keona ~  the flute

Kiera ~  the fiddle

Keelin ~  second fiddle (pun intended), and the tin whistle

Kaitlin ~  two lever harps–one big and one small

All five of us love to sing and Irish dance as well!

In December 2017, we released our debut album, “Teaghlach”!  Check it out here.

We are also on Facebook!  Like us, message us–we’d love to hear from you!

Also, check out Little Owl Production’s Facebook page here.  Without Little Owl’s competent assistance, our first album would never have become a reality.

Any questions?  Please contact us!

Email: teaghlach.kelley@gmail.com

Phone: 920-530-2070

Facebook: facebook.com/teaghlach.kelley/

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